Deep Gallery Wrap 
(sides unpainted)
Step VI.  Purchase Your Canvas With Sides Painted:  Based on the size of your print, select from the drop menu to select to have the sides painted on your canvas transfer.  If you want the sides "white" - skip this option.

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Step VII.  Select the Color for Canvas Painted Sides:  We have seven colors for you to choose from to have the sides of your canvas painted to match the colors in your artwork.  If no color is selected, there is no charge for "white" sides.

Step VIII.  Purchase Your Canvas With Brush Strokes:  Brush strokes can 
be added to your canvas  transfer to enhance your artwork to have that "original oil portrait look" by adding brush strokes.  Brushstrokes can be applied to your canvas using a clear acrylic gel that adds additional texture to the 
canvas, helping to recreate the feel of an original painting. For most canvas pieces, regular brushstrokes will look
 most natural but heavy brushstrokes are also available to add more texture if desired. Three types of brush strokes 
are available.  

If you have questions, or prefer Loveless Galleries to calculate your canvas transfer, call 817-841-7625.

Light Brush Strokes
Select One Color
Deep Gallery Wrap
Canvas Transfers
Step I: Purchase your print using our secure shopping carts.  
Always purchase your print first before calculating your canvas transfer.  This will allow you to what size canvas to purchase. Print sizes for your art print is located under the print title, artist and edition.  These sizes of the prints should be used and not the size of framed prints (which adds 4" to a print's size).  Shipping and sales tax will be calculated at this point.

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Step V.  Purchase Your Stretcher/Bars:  Your canvas transfer will be mounted deep stretcher bars.  If you plan to have your canvas framed, you will need stretcher bars. Our 1 ½” stretcher frames are custom made from wood and are of the highest quality. If you plan to have your canvas framed by another supplier, other than Loveless Galleries, you will not need to purchase stretcher bars.

 Deep Gallery Wrap 
(sides painted)
Step II: Calculate size of your canvas transfer. Check the size of your unframed print by going back to the page where you purchased your print.  Use the search engine at the bottom of this page to find the page where you purchased your print.  Remember, print sizes are located under the title of your print.  Remember, with canvas transfers, there is no need for glass or matting. 

Deep Museum Canvas: This  type of canvas is the new, modern way of displaying your art prints. Since the canvas is "wrapped" around stretchers, the need for framing, glass and matting is eliminated.  This saves you time as well as creating a wonderful "floating effect".  Deep museum wrap is a canvas that is stretched on a wooden frame and stapled in the back.  You can have the sizes painted so color is shown on the sides of the canvas. I f you plan to have your canvas framed, there is no need to paint the sides.  There is no mirror affect of the artwork carrying over to the sides of the canvas, which is why we give you the option of having the sides painted.

Step III: Purchase Your Canvas Transfer. Check the size of your unframed print to select the correct size of the transfer.  You can purchase the print on canvas to be shipped to you without purchasing stretchers.  You will receive it rolled in a canister, which allows you to take to your local framer where they can add stretchers and/or frame it.  Remember, with canvas transfers, there is no frame, glass or matting. 

Step IV: Ship Your Canvas Transfer. If you plan to have your canvas transfer stretched or framed in your city, you can add your shipping using the shopping cart that matches the size of the canvas transfer below.  When you purchase your prints at the checkout, you will notice a shipping fee.  This fee pays to have your print purchased.  The shipping of your canvas transfer, pays another supplier who will be shipping your completed presentation.  Please pay for your canvas transfer to be shipped using the shopping cart below.

 Deep Gallery Wrap 
(sides unpainted)

Heavy Brush Strokes
Deep Gallery Wrap
Deep Gallery Wrap
Regular Brush Strokes
New ~
We offer these canvas presentations that are ready to buy now...  
Sunday Morning Woman!
Deep Gallery Bars: 1.5" size:

Deep Gallery Wrap
Light Brush Strokes
Heavy Brush Strokes
Regular Brush Strokes
Sunday Morning Women Canvas print
Honoring the profound faith and strength of women, this artwork by J.A.Y. portrays three ladies in their church finery. Screen-print on canvas on wood frame. 20" w x 16" h x 1" d.
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