Ceramics by Albert McCoy
James & Yvette Loveless
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We are proud to carry ceramics by Albert McCoy, who just happens to be the cousin of Yvette Loveless!!  Go Cuz, we are proud of you!

Please feel free to call now to place your order by telephone and give us an opportunity to speak with you personally.  

Call us anytime at: 817-841-7625. 
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This beautifully crafted ceramic bowl was created and
designed by Albert McCoy.  Molded specifically to 
decorate your home or office.  Ceramics makes an awesome gift and allows the owner to share something sculptured by hand.

5" wide, 4" high, 3" deep, 1.0 lb.


New Navajo Blue Ceramic Bowl
 Albert McCoy
Ceramics by Albert McCoy
New ~ Turquoise Peacock (large) Ceramic Bowl

6" wide, 6" high, 6" deep, 1.0 lb.


New ~ Turquoise Peacock (small) Ceramic Bowl
4.5" wide, 3.5" high, 3.5" deep, 1.0 lb.

New ~ Oval Snowcap Storm Ceramic Bowl

3.5" wide, 5" high, 4" deep, 1.0 lb.


New ~ Smooth Blue Spout Ceramic Bowl
5" wide, 2.5" high, 3" deep, 1.0 lb.


New ~ Simone Sands Ceramic Bowl
4" wide, 4" high, 3.5" deep, 1.0 lb.


New ~ Blue Vessel

7" wide, 5" high, 4.5" deep, 1.0 lb.


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